Graduate Student

Selected Publications

Research Interests

  • The relationship between working memory and fluid intelligence
  • Working memory training
  • Individual differences in subjective organization
  • Prospective memory
  • The genetics of cognitive ability
  • The relationship between sensory ability and cognitive ability

  • About

    I am an ABD graduate student in the Attention and Working Memory Lab. I am originally from Columbia, South Carolina. I went to Furman University (Go Paladins!) as an undergraduate and learn the ins-and-outs of psychology from the incredible psychology faculty there. I fell in love with cognitive psychology and memory while working in Dr. Gil Einstein's lab. At Furman, I was primarily interested in prospective memory, memory to perform actions in the future.

    I came to Georgia Tech specifically to work with Dr. Randy Engle. In this lab I developed a love for good quantitative skills such as regression, factor analysis, psychometrics, item response theory, and structural equation modeling. Currently my research interests are working memory capacity, the relationship between intelligence and working memory, working memory training, the organization of items in memory (e.g., chunking), and prospective memory.