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Shipstead, Harrison, & Engle (2016)

Working memory capacity and fluid intelligence: Maintenance and disengagement. Perspectives on Psychological Science

Tsukahara, Harrison, & Engle (2016)

The relationship between baseline pupil size and intelligence Cognitive Psychology

Hicks, Foster & Engle (2016)

Measuring working memory capacity on the web with the Online Working Memory Lab (the OWL) Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition

Draheim, Hicks & Engle (2016)

Combining reaction time and accuracy: The relationship between working memory capacity and task switching as a case example. Perspectives on Psychological Science

Hicks, Harrison & Engle (2015)

Wonderlic, working memory capacity, and fluid intelligence. Intelligence

Foster et al. (2015)

Shortened complex span tasks can reliably measure working memory capacity. Memory and Cognition

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Randall Engle

Our lab is being featured on benefunder: Focusing out of Distraction into Attention

Kenny Hicks

I have succesfully defended my Master's Thesis!

Christopher Draheim

I have successfully proposed my Master's Thesis!