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Recent Publications

  • Engle (2018)

    Working Memory and Executive Attention: A Revisit Perspectives on Psychological Science.

  • Felez-Nobrega et al. (2017)

    Measuring working memory in the Spanish population: Validation of a multiple shortened complex span task. Psychological Assessment

  • Redick et al. (2016)

    Cognitive predictors of a common multitasking ability: Contributions from working memory, attention control, and fluid Intelligence.  Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

  • Foster et al. (2017)

    Do the effects of working memory training depending on baseline ability level?  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition.

  • Draheim, et al. (2017)

    What Item Response Theory can tell us about the complex span tasks. Psychological Assessment

  • Tsukahara, Harrison, & Engle (2016)

    The relationship between baseline pupil size and intelligence. Cognitive Psychology

Lab News

Randall Engle

Randy gave a spectacular Keynote Address at Psychonomics Society Annual Meeting 2017 Watch it here!

Jessie Martin

Dr. Jessie Martin has completed her PhD and is now a Post-Doc in the lab! Congrats Jessie!

Cody Mashburn

Cody will be joining the lab as a first year graduate student in the Fall 2018. Welcome Cody!

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