Graduate Student & Lab Manager

Christopher Draheim

Research Interests

  • Individual differences in working memory capacity, fluid intelligence, and executive functioning
  • How individuals adjust performance to meet task demands
  • Measurement of executive function tasks

Select Publications


My primary interests within psychology are the assessment of higher cognitive abilities (mainly working memory capacity, attention control, and fluid intelligence), how to improve the measurement of these psychological constructs, and the relationships among them. I am also interested in the individual differences in speed-accuracy tradeoffs and adjustments, which I see an under-studied area within cognitive psychology. I believe speed-accuracy adjustments to be both a conscious strategy and an aspect of performance monitoring that higher ability individuals engage in more than lower ability individuals. However, lower ability individuals can make speed-accuracy adjustments in the right circumstances, such as with routine feedback and in conditions of lower cognitive load. This complex interaction between ability, task demands, and feedback is an area that I would like to explore further throughout my career.

Outside of psychology I enjoy sports, esports, chess, and Magic the Gathering.

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