Research Interests

  • Mind wandering and it's relation to cognitive abilities
  • Neural basis of intelligence
  • Pupilometry as a physiological index of cognitive state
  • Data Science Practices in R

Select Publications

R Packages


An R Package to preprocess pupil data


An R package to create nice looking output for CFA and SEM analyses using lavaan and semPlot packages


I feel very fortunate to be part of Randy Engle's lab. My current research in the lab involves investigating the nature of attention control; developing more reliable tasks to measure attention control; understanding the neural basis of the baseline pupil size - intelligence relationship; using pupillometry and to track mind wandering and the focus of attention; understanding the relation amongst sensory discrimination, attention control, and intelligence. I have also been learning how to use the R statistical software program to transform, manage, store, and analyze data. I have developed several R Packages relevant to the lab's research; you can check them out by going to my GitHub link above.

Other research interests include mindfulness, meditation, mind training, sleep, dreaming, and consciousness

I am originally from Seattle, WA. All of my family lives there and it is where I grew up. I will always consider Washington State as my home. I earned my B.A. in Behavioral Neuroscience at Western Washington University. This is where I found my interests in cognitive psychology. As I wasn’t confident that I wanted to pursue an academic career in cognitive psychology, I took a year off from school.

From there I went on to do a 2 year M.A. program in General Experimental Psychology at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). I did this with the hope that I would get accepted to a highly respected Ph.D. program and research lab in cognitive psychology. At CSUSB I worked with Dr. Hideya Koshino doing research on selective attention and working memory. As it turned out, my academic hopes came true and I was accepted into Randy Engle’s lab as a Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech! And I very much enjoy being a part of this wonderful lab and to work with a tough but caring mentor.

Outside of psychology, my interests include Buddhist spiritual practice, reading, hiking, camping, and riding my bicycle around town.

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