Research Interests

My research is primarily concerned with understanding the nature of attention control. My education and experience of working in different research labs has allowed me to approach the study of attention control from various perspectives; experimental, individual differences, and neuroscience. My research interests include but are not limited to:

  • The nature of individual differences in attention control
  • Tracking the focus of attention with pupillometry and mind wandering reports
  • The role of the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system in attention control
  • The role of functional connectivity within and between brain networks contributing to individual differences in attention control and higher-order cognitive abilities
  • The possibility of training attention control
  • Data Science Practices in R

Select Publications

R Packages


An R Package to preprocess pupil data


An R package to create nice looking output for CFA and SEM analyses using lavaan and semPlot packages


I feel very fortunate to be part of Randy Engle's lab. My current research in the lab involves investigating the nature of attention control with the use of pupillometry. I have also been learning how to use the R statistical software program to analyze data in a way that is most consistent with Open Science and Reproducibility practices. I have developed several R Packages relevant to the lab's research; you can check them out by going to my GitHub link above.

Other research interests outside of the lab include mindfulness, meditation, sleep, dreaming, and consciousness

I am originally from Seattle, WA. All of my family lives there and it is where I grew up. I will always consider Washington State as my home. I earned my B.A. in Behavioral Neuroscience at Western Washington University. This is where I found my interests in cognitive psychology. As I wasn’t confident that I wanted to pursue an academic career in cognitive psychology, I took a year off from school. During that year off I particpated in an 8-week silent meditation retreat on Shamatha and the Four Immeasurables in Phuket, Thailand with my teacher Alan Wallace

From there I went on to do a 2 year M.A. program in General Experimental Psychology at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). I did this with the hope that I would get accepted to a highly respected Ph.D. program and research lab in cognitive psychology. At CSUSB I worked with Dr. Hideya Koshino doing research on selective attention and working memory.

As it turned out, my academic hopes came true and I was accepted into Randy Engle’s lab as a Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech! And I very much enjoy being a part of this wonderful lab and to work with a tough but caring mentor.

Outside of psychology, my interests include Buddhist spiritual practice, reading, hiking, camping, and riding my bicycle around town.

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