Graduate Student

Cody Mashburn, MS


I began working in the Attention and Working Memory Lab as a volunteer in August of 2017 and joined the lab as a graduate student in 2018.

I grew up in north Georgia and received my Bachelor of Science from Young Harris College, where I studied psychology and philosophy. There, I discovered my love for research design and cognitive psychology studying short-term memory, auditory imagery, and musical expertise with Dr. Amy Boggan . I have also done work on attention and cognitive aging at Western Kentucky University with Dr. Sharon Mutter.

My current work draws heavily on latent variable modeling, including factor analysis and structural equation modeling, to explore the cognitive basis of individual differences in human cognitve abilities. I am also interested in incorporating physiological data (e.g., pupillometry) into my work as a more specific and explicit test of some of the hypotheses in which I am interested.