Welcome to the Task Downloads page!

Download tasks that were developed to measure individual differences in working memory capacity or attention control.

On this website we provide multiple types of complex span and attention tasks to allow you to measure working memory capacity and attention control at the latent construct level.

For any questions about downloading, administering, or scoring the tasks please see the FAQ page. If you cannot find an answer to your question, then feel free to contact us at englelabtaskmanager@gmail.com


Dowload tasks to measure working memory capacity

Attention Control

Dowload tasks to measure attention control

Password Request

You will need a password to access downloaded files

All of our tasks are programmed using E-Prime software. In order to use our tasks you need to purchase an E-Prime license and install the software on the computer(s) that you will use to collect data.

Our tasks are free to download, however, you must request a password and agree that you intend to use the task for research purposes only.

If you need the E-Studio files and/or need to make modifications to the task, then see the FAQ: How can I obtain the E-Studio files of your tasks? for instructions.

Task Scoring

Web App

Point-and-Click Interface for scoring EngleLab tasks


R Package for scoring EngleLab tasks

Data Preparation

You will first have to merge the individual subject data files together using the E-Merge program. Then you need to export that merged file (.emrg) to a tab-delimited .txt file (follow the ‘Export Data to StatView’ instructions AND uncheck Unicode).

How to create a merged E-Prime file

How to Export E-Prime files to .txt