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Complex Span Tasks

E-Prime Version
Advanced Versions 3.0 2.0.10
Advanced Symmetry Span
Advanced Operation Span
Advanced Rotation Span
Shortened Versions 3.0 2.0.10
Foster Symmetry Span
Foster Operation Span
Foster Rotation Span
Oswald Symmetry Span
Oswald Operation Span
Oswald Reading Span
Standard Versions 3.0 2.0.10 2.0.08 1.0 1.0 (Non-automated)
Standard Symmetry Span
Standard Operation Span
Standard Rotation Span
Standard Reading Span
Standard Running Span
Standard Counting Span
  •   Translated Complex Span Tasks

Attention Control Tasks

E-Prime 3.0 E-Prime 2.0.10
Flanker: Adaptive Response Deadline
Stroop: Adaptive Response Deadline
Sustained Attention to Cue Task
Selective Visual Arrays: Orientation Judgement

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