Graduate Student

Dolly Seeburger, MS


At 21, I graduated with a BA in Graphic Design and I worked in advertising. I enjoyed the creative aspects but not the lifestyle.

At 25, I started my own business of setting up in home gyms and also worked as an in-home personal trainer. I improved quality of lives, and the job satisfaction was very high but I didn’t feel mentally stimulated.

At 30, I enrolled in classes at DVC community college, and subsequently conducted research with Dr. Ryan Howell's Personality and Well-being Lab at San Francisco State University. I studied how grit mediated self-efficacy and physical activity.

At 33, I was accepted into Georgia Tech's PhD program to work under Dr. Eric Schumacher's Control Lab where I received my masters. My research was on the neural mechanisms of sustained attention.

At 37, I am still very much enjoying graduate school while working with the Attention and Working Memory Lab under Dr. Randy Engle. I'm interested in extending my knowledge of neural mechanisms of attention towards individual differences research.

At 40 and beyond, I'll still be learning and working in whatever I am most curious and excited about!