Current Study

  • Brain mechanisms of attention and cognitive control

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    What's the goal?: Our lab is interested in understanding of the brain and mind, espeicially processes related to attention, memory, and problem solving. Our current study combines behavioral and cognitive testing with brain scanning to uncover how the brain focuses attention on what it is currently doing. We are administering a broad set of tests related to things like attention, memory, and reasoning and seeing how these map onto brain activity while someone is doing a task in an MRI scanner.

    What would I be asked to do?: This study has two parts:
    Part 1: The first part of the study involves two sessions of cognitive testing in our lab at Georgia Tech. You would need to come to our lab on two separate days to participate. On each occasion, you will complete a set of tasks on computers in our lab space. In total, you can expect to spend approximately 5 hours in the lab.
    Part 2: The second part of the study involves completing some cognitive tasks in an MRI scanner so we can monitor your brain activity while you do them. The scan would be completed at the Georgia State/Georgia Tech Center for Advanved Brain Imaging and is expected to take about 1.5 hours.Part 2 is completely optional, and you do NOT need to complete Part 2 in order to participate in Part 1.

    What do I get out of it?: You will be compensated for each session that you participate in. If you complete all of Part 1, you will receive $75 via a mailed check ($35 for Day 1 and $40 for Day 2). Georgia Tech psychology students can also participate for course credit via SONA, with each session being worth one (1) SONA credit. Additionally, if you complete all of Part 2, you will receive an additional check for $45 in the mail, as well as th opportunity to take a picture of your brain; Georgia Tech psychology students can also participate for SONA credit.

    Who can participate?: Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 35. Participants must be fluent English speakers. Participants must have normal or corrected-to-normal vision. Participants must have no history of seizures or brain damage. Finally, participants must not have participated in one of this lab’s previous studies. We also ask that all participants be completely vaccinated against COVID-19. Participants interested in participating in the MRI scanning portion will also need to answer some health and safety screenings before they can enter the scanner.

    How do I participate?: You can take the first step by emailing us at One of our lab members will respond shortly with the next steps!