Current Study

  • Attention, memory, and problem solving

    What's the goal?: Our lab is interested in developing methods for testing psychological processes, espeicially those related to attention, memory, and problem solving. Ultimately, we hope that our tests can be used to increase our understanding of the brain and mind, and also lead to better decisions about psychological assessment in clinical, job, and educational settings.

    What would I be asked to do?: This study has five (5) sessions lasting roughly two and a half hours each. This means you would need to come to our lab on five separate days to participate. On each occasion, you will complete a set of tasks on computers in our lab space. You can expect to spend approximately 12 hours in the lab total.

    What do I get out of it?: You will be compensated for each session that you participate in. If you complete all five sessions, you will receive $200 via a mailed check. Georgia Tech psychology students can also participate for course credit via SONA, with each session being worth one (1) SONA credit.

    Who can participate?: Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 35. Participants must be native English speakers who learned English before the age of 5. Participants must have normal or corrected-tonormal vision. Participants must not have had a seizure. Finally, participants must not have participated in one of this lab’s previous studies.

    How do I participate?: You can take the first step by emailing us at One of our lab members will respond shortly with the next steps!