Advanced Versions

The Advanced versions of the complex span tasks include higher memory set-sizes. This results in better discrimination between individuals at the upper end of the distribution of working memory capacity. This is ideal if you plan on sampling from a population that tends to be of higher ability. See Draheim, Harrison, Embretson & Engle (2018) for more information.

You are also given the choice of how many blocks of trials to administer. The options are 1, 2, or 3 blocks.

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Symmetry Span

Memory Task: Square Locations

Processing task: Symmetry Judgement

Operation Span

Memory Task: Letters

Processing task: Math Operations

Rotation Span

Memory Task: Arrow Direction and Size

Processing task: Mental Rotation


If you are using the Advanced versions cite the following article in your references:

If you have any questions about how the tasks are scored see:

To help decide which task might be appropriate for your sample, see:

If you have any questions about the reliability or validity of any of the complex span tasks, we request that you cite this article in your references: